Arana Ascot Hockey Club Trophy Day 2017

Arana Ascot Hockey Club Trophy Day 2017

The Arana Ascot Hockey Club finished its season with the Clubs Annual Trophy Day; this is a day where the club stops to reflect on the season that just gone and congratulate all the players, coaches and volunteers who made the season one to remember.

This year the Arana Ascot Hockey Club had 128 members play this season, making up 10 of teams across many divisions.  The Season saw 5 teams play finals with five teams going on to win 3 Grand Finals, the club also had 12 players make rep teams.

The Arana Ascot Hockey Club Trophy Day saw each team’s Coach speak about the season that had just finished and talk about the development of each of the players and where they saw the most improvement and what the season for next year looked like.

Many Players took the opportunity to thank their coaches for giving up their time to help them grow as players and making sure that they focused on having fun has well has winning.

After the teams were presented with their trophies the club presented the following trophies:

President Trophy Team of the Year:  The Junior Grass 3 were awarded the trophy for a terrific season with the team making the Preliminary Final.

Tameka Abel Memorial Trophy (The Tameka Abel Memorial Trophy is a quiet achiever, awarded to a person who a player who just on with trying to be the best they can and not necessarily a standout player):  The recipient of the Tameka Abel Memorial Trophy was Shonti Pettiford-Dank.

Kathy Duggan Trophy:  Recognition of a player who demonstrates contribution and leadership skills with the club – this year it was awarded to – Sophie Pate.

Reuben Morris Trophy Umpiring Trophy- The recipient of the Reuben Morris Trophy was Elizabeth Harness and Lali Rix, both umpired a Grand Final at Downey Park this year

Carol Harris Memorial Trophy (Presented to a junior player that displays Sportsmanship): The recipient of the Carol Harris Memorial Trophy was Lali Rix   – Lali was a Rep Player, co-coached one of our U9 teams, umpired and also played in our Senior Club

Arana Sports would like to congratulate the Arana Ascot Hockey Club on an incredible season and to all the Trophy recipients this year congratulations on all your hard work.