Arana Ascot Hockey Club Celebrates its 2018 Season

Arana Ascot Hockey Club Celebrates its 2018 Season


On Sunday the 9th of September the Arana Ascot Junior Hockey Club celebrated another successful season with the clubs annual trophy presentation held at the Ferny Grove Bowls Sport and Community Club.  The day was a big success for the club which each team presented an overview of the season and celebrating the season.

2018 has been a year of growth and challenges for the Arana Ascot Junior Hockey Club, with many teams playing up a Division, or 2, and many young players playing up an age group. Not many teams made finals this year, but there was a significant improvement in all age groups

The common theme when the teams came up to receive there trophies was that the coaches were so proud of their player’s development and efforts and that from the start of the season to the last game the players had improved out of sight.  The players were also appreciative of the coaches who give up their time to train and coach them throughout the season and without there support the girls would not be the players that they are today.

After presenting of team trophies, the club presented some individual trophies that hold special meaning to the club and acknowledge the hard work that goes on at the club the following trophies were:

The Rueben Morris Trophy –This trophy goes to an umpire in recognition of outstanding umpiring throughout the season.  Without umpires you don’t have a game, thank you so much to all club members who umpire for us every week. The following umpires have umpired more than eight times this season, thank you to Adrian Pate, Lali Rix, Sophie Pate, Shona Wallace and Georgie Houghton.  However there is one young lady that has gone above and beyond with her umpiring availability, and a number of games umpired this season.  She has umpired more than 20 games on a Friday night, even after her own game.  She would then come to Downey Park on a Saturday morning to umpire one, two or even three games – the recipient of this year’s Reuben Morris Trophy is Elizabeth Harness.

Carol Webster Memorial Trophy – presented to the club person of the year. Must be a high achiever within Club.  Recognition of a player contributing significantly to the club. The recipient of this year’s Carol Webster award went to a young lady who has gone above and beyond expectations.  This young lady plays in our JT1 team, she coaches one of our junior teams, she umpires on a regular basis, and she also plays for Ascot.  She is committed, passionate and dedicated.  She is willing to help out in any way she can, she even compiled all of our trophy day photos. This year the Carol Webster Memorial Trophy goes to Lali Rix

Kathy Duggan Award – Recognition of a person who demonstrates contribution and leadership skills within the club.  The recipient exhibits club spirit and leadership qualities on and off the field. The exhibit willingness to participate, contribute and exceed clubs expectations. The recipient of this trophy has significantly contributed to Arana Ascot Junior Hockey Club.

The recipient of this trophy has been associated with Arana Ascot Junior Hockey Club for just under two decades.  They have coached, umpired and been an active Committee Member for 14 years, they have been equipment officer for the last two years and have always been willing to help out in any way they can. This person is passionate about hockey and passionate about our club.  This person has also successfully coached his team into Finals more times than not in the last 16 years and in 2018 his JG1 team only narrowly missed going into the Grand Final. This year’s recipient was Adrian Pate.

Presidents Trophy – This goes to a team that is committed and dedicated, a team that trains hard and plays well.   A team in every sense of the word.  The team that received the converted Presidents Trophy 2018 was placed up a Division from where they nominated.  They put in a lot of hard work, they had many extra skills session and were lead by a truly dedicated coach.  They made Finals and were a well-deserved 2nd.  The winners of this years

President’s Trophy was U11A.

The U11A team was a surprise result for the club this year with most of the girls coming from a lower grade and moving up from a lower age.  At the start of the season making the finals was not even a consideration with the team’s main focus to take it game by game and improve every week.  As the weeks progressed the team success grew, and after the season the team finished with nine wins, four losses and one draw.  The team showed that with a little hard work and believed you could achieve anything.

Tameka Abel Trophy – To help us decide who should receive this trophy the club looks for a player that isn’t necessarily the best player, the club looks for a player who tries every week to improve her skills and be part of a team and plays where ever she is asked to. The club looks for a team player, someone who is always smiling, a child who just loves hockey, A quiet achiever.  This year the Tameka Abel Trophy went to Zoe Atkinson.

Players Long Service Award

  • 7 Years – Freya Colles, Jordan Dean, Ella D’Hage, Bronte Hall, Bailee Jackson, and Tia Jackson
  • 10 Years – Sophie Pate and Emelia Pyle

Representative Jackets – presented by Teresa Kuss – President of the Ascot Womens Hockey club and Teresa has also represented Australia 8 times, over the last 18 years.

Arana Ascot Junior Hockey Club had a very successful year a total of players 16 players were selected in BWHA (Brisbane Women’s Hockey Association) Representative teams.  There were 6 U11 players selected, 5 U13 players selected, 2 U15 players selected and 3 U18 players selected.  Congratulations to all of these girls.

2018 Representative players for Arana Ascot Junior Hockey Club 2018 were –

U11 –Freya Christie, Leela Christie, Lara Ferguson, Vanessa Infanti, Tia Jackson and Lara Pyle,

U13 – Brianna Higgins, Bailee Jackson, Bonnie Siggins, Hannah Tunney (who made shadow GK for Queensland), and Caitlin Wallace.

U15 – Georgie Houghton and Sophie Pate

U18 – Liana Crismani, Liz Harness and Emelia Pyle.

Happy Memories – players that due to leaving school can no longer play for Arana Ascot Junior Hockey Club

  • Molly McDonald, Tess Morrison, Tahlia Krogh, Sophie Homan, Hudson Ruprecht, Sophie Allan, Ashleigh Hull, Darcy Dean, Kiara Miller, Savanna Warhurst, Andenique Dreyer.

Club President Russell Morrison said “while the club did not have the same amount of success as last season the development of the junior players has been the most that his seen in recent year.  Russell credited Miesh Elmes for the clubs success of the programs that she has run in the past year with the club seeing 18 players go on and representative teams the most the club has seen in a while”.

Arana Ascot Hockey Club only exists because of a team of truly dedicated Committee Members, coaches and managers.  Thank you to all these people that put their hands up to make Arana Ascot Junior Hockey Club 2018 a truly wonderful year.